Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Does Denver CSD dismiss at 2:00 on Wednesday?

At Denver Community School District, we have raised student achievement through our Professional Learning Communities.  We have been recognized nationally for our efforts and have been named, a National Model Professional Learning Community by Solution Tree in 2012.  We focus on learning, focus on results, focus on collaboration all through a systematic process of intervention.   Many schools throughout Iowa visit our district to learn more about our outstanding practice each year!

“PLC’s are so important!  They allow us to share and collaborate ideas for our students in order to obtain and provide the help and support necessary for each child to be successful!”
-Denver Elementary Teacher

Each week our teachers meet to discuss each and every student to be sure that we are meeting every child’s academic needs.  Whether a child has full understanding of what they are learning, or if they are struggling to make connections we work rigorously to plan meaningful, engaging and precise instruction to meet each student at their “zone of proximal development”.  On Wednesday’s every teacher meets within a collaborative team for a approximately 90 minutes.  We have made it a priority to ensure that we are implanting a “guaranteed and viable” curriculum aligned to the Iowa Core, therefore, on Wednesday’s teachers are also looking very closely at their standards and their units to ensure full alignment.  While also becoming crystal clear on what proficiency looks like for each standard, we are also designing assessments, looking at prerequisite skills, which are essential to learning, and also designing enrichment and extension opportunities for students.  The academic demands on our student population have increased, therefore in order to best prepare our students to be college and/or career ready, collaborative planning time, and our 2:00 dismissal on Wednesday, is essential to the success of each child! 

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