Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Conference Attendance

Fall Conference Attendance - Way to Go!!!

Fall Conference Attendance was 99.7 percent! Thank you parents and teachers for your continued commitment to our very important partnership. It is so imperative that we communicate regularly and work together in the best interest of our children! When we work together the students benefit!

Another NEW Mobile Laptop Cart For Elementary

For the second year in a row, a full mobile laptop cart, consisting of 25 MacBooks will be rolling into Denver Elementary soon, thanks to our parent organization (K.I.D.S. - Keep Improving Denver Schools), a local Heidemann Grant, and also our Denver Elementary Fundraising efforts.

We want to make certain that technology is less about "going to technology", and more about making technology part of everyday learning and exploration, which will increase levels of creativity, innovation, and systemic thinking. Having mobile laptop computers more available to teachers to utilize within their current rigorous curriculum, will only enhance the amount of enthusiasm toward learning, which has an inevitable correlation, most often to the retention of essential concepts and skills within our subject areas, including reading, math, science, and language usage.

The bottom line is that with more computers, our students will have a greater number of experiences with technology, which will allow for further integration of our 21st century skills, including technology literacy. This integration will better prepare our students to live and work in a globally competitive and ever-changing 21st Century world.