Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Helps Students' Learn?

We as an elementary school staff have shifted our thinking from a focus on teaching to a focus on learning. In order to accomplish this, we take several measures into account to assure that
students are learning. One thing that we do, is to obtain foundational evidence at the start of

the year, which allows for us to meet the students where they are academically, and move them forward, learning, ourselves, how each child can be most favorably supported.

As we know, it takes a team of parents, educators, and the community working together to truly make learning a priority; therefore, I will share with you, several things that can be done at home, to help students learn. The work of Kathleen Hoover-Dempsey of Vanderbilt University presented a model at a conference that I attended, that suggests a model that includes parental supports that impact student learning. An adaptation of her work follows: