Sunday, April 17, 2011


So, a couple weeks ago, my sisters and I enjoyed an incredible day trip to Tanger Outlets and the Amana's with a few of my aunts, including my Aunt Judy. My aunts are a large part of who I am today, I have looked up to them in so many ways throughout my life!

When my Aunt Judy and I had a few minutes to chat, she said, "I read your blog, it's really neat.", I replied with, " you like it?" She said, "Yes, but I don't know if it's my eyes or your font, but I have a hard time reading it...."

I told her right there and then, that she brought up a good point, and that she would likely be the subject of a future post.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Denver Elementary Teachers Learn from the Author of Arthur!

On April 15, 2011, our staff had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2011 Elementary Literacy and Reading Recovery Conference on the University of Northern Iowa campus. Our teachers were able to attend differentiated sessions pertaining to all facets of literacy. What made the day even more exciting is that our professional staff had the opportunity to learn from a great and FAMOUS author, Marc Brown, who is most well known for creating and writing about his famous character, Arthur.

He answered a question that we hear a lot as educators. "How can I get my child to read at home?" His answer was simple, he said, "Kids do what parents do, if you want your child to read, you have to model that."

I would also like to thank one of our very own parents, Mrs. Amy Lockhart for all the work that she did in preparing an outstanding conference and a great day of learning for educators all across Iowa. Amy is a member of the planning team and host school, Price Laboratory in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Denver is proud of you!

Our 4th Grade Team, Deb Little and Val Frey, also deserve a congratulations today for facilitating their own learning session, entitled, Closing the Gap and Raising the Bar! They did an incredible job of presenting, facilitating discussion, and sharing one of the many great initiatives evolving within Denver Elementary.

Third Grade teacher, Wendy Lohmann, chats with Marc Brown!

Mrs. Zaputil, Kindergarten teacher, with Mr. Brown.

Mrs. Curtis (2nd) and Mrs. Kirchoff (2nd) with Mr. Brown

Our very own, Jodie Victoria, posing for a photograph with the famous author

Did you know that Marc Brown, considers himself an artist, first and foremost?
His greatest inspiration, in school, was his art teacher!

April 2011

Four Teachers Hired to Join our Elementary Team

I am so excited to announce that with careful financial management by our Superintendent, Mrs. Kathy Enslin, we were able to interview and hire four new teachers at the elementary level. Grade level assignments have not yet been determined for these individuals, but we are excited that we will have three classroom sections within each grade level kindergarten through fifth.

The new teachers all come to Denver Elementary with experience. I will begin to touch on a few “fun facts” about each of our new professionals that will be joining our elementary team in August:

Brittanie Barnett

· Is currently completing her first year at Fairfield Community School District

· Is a 5th Generation Wartburg Alum

· Lived in England while growing up until the 5th Grade then moved to New Jersey, where her parents currently reside.

“Brittanie Is very well trained as a first year teacher, coming from Fairfield. Her training and experience blends very well with the direction that we are moving as a district. I am so excited to see Britannie’s positive influence and knowledge of educating children impact our students for years to come”

- Kim Tierney, Principal

Wendy Lohmann

· Has subbed for the Denver Community School District for the past 10 years.

· Has been a full-time classroom substitute for us in third grade since January 2011.

· Taught for four years full time in Illinois.

· Lives and remains active in the Denver Community with her husband, Craig and five children.

“Wendy is an exceptionally well-rounded person who will provide consistency for our students at the elementary level. Our students, staff, and community know and love her! Her positive attitude, experience, and incredible work-ethic made her an invaluable candidate for our open positions.”

- Kim Tierney, Principal

Michael Sullivan

· Has taught in four states, including Iowa, Arizona, Illinois, and Connecticut.

· Was Team Captain and Offensive MVP for his college football team

· Currently teaches first grade in Hudson, but throughout his five years of teaching experience has taught fifth grade and reading as well.

· Lead the development/revision of a standards-based report card within his grade level in Hudson

“Michael is a professional who comes to us with an incredible combination of education, experience, and many personal strengths. He comes VERY highly recommended, and I am very excited to see his strengths and knowledge put to use within our elementary.”

Kim Tierney, Principal

Stephanie Westendorf

· Has taught in the Waterloo school system for the past 4 years, including 4th and 5th Grades.

· Currently is the Team Leader for her grade level in Waterloo

· Is extensive professional training in several initiatives that fit very well within our system

· Volunteers to facilitate an After School Running Club in her school.

“Stephanie really stood out to us during the interview process. Her professional experiences, intelligence, and demeanor make her a perfect “fit” for our high expectations and standards of education here in Denver. I am so pleased with her extensive training, and her proven track record of focusing on learning and putting students first.”

Kim Tierney, Principal