Thursday, January 31, 2013

Iowa Core Curriculum - ELA Revision

Iowa Core Curriculum – ELA Revision

A curriculum revision leadership team at Denver Elementary is currently investigating, piloting, and researching several curriculum resources that will support our teachers in meeting the new demands of the Iowa Core, specifically in the content area of English and Language Arts (ELA).  Our plan is to adopt and implement new curriculum materials into our classrooms with integrity next fall, upon students’ return.

The Iowa Core is the set of standards mandated by our state, and implemented into every school district  within Iowa.  Our standards are adapted from the National Common Core, which have been adopted by all but five states in the country.  With the Iowa Core, comes several “shifts” in the way that we teach and the way students will be expected to learn.   Importantly, several of the shifts can be supported by families at home as well, therefore the following list, as adapted from, are suggestions as to how you can support the new English and Language Arts standards at home:

1.     Read and supply more Non-Fiction at home!
2.     Read Non-Fiction aloud with your child!
3.     Have fun with non-fiction in front of them!
4.     Find books that explain!
5.     Provide more challenging texts to your child!  Help unpack the challenge with them!
6.     Demand EVIDENCE in every day discussions and disagreements!  (Blame this on Mrs. Tierney)  J
7.     Read aloud or read the same book and discuss the text with evidence.
8.     ENCOURAGE writing at home!
9.     Write books together and use evidence and details.
10. Make arguments in writing!
11. And most importantly - READ OFTEN!!!!